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Have you lost your keys? 

Have you lost your keys? 

Can’t find a new one? 

Well, Rocky Mountain Locksmith Broomfield has got a solution for you.

Locks have been a deterrent to unwelcome events in Broomfield, CO,  like break-ins, burglaries, and thefts for years, decades, and even more lately. They provide one of the first lines of protection against unwanted access to buildings and vehicles.

Lock systems are, however, subject to wear and tear, much like other items. They sustain damage that interferes with their functionality for several reasons, including repeated usage, abuse, and dirt accumulation. As a result, the safety and security of buildings and vehicles are endangered.

Your neighborhood locksmith in Broomfield and the surrounding areas, Rocky Mountain Locksmith Broomfield, is ready to help you out of a jam. We have a group of professional business, home, and vehicle locksmiths. Our skilled locksmiths can open your house, automobile, or place of business anytime or at night. We are a family-run business and are honored to have a reputation for excellence in our neighborhood. Regardless of the hour, you will always get excellent locksmith services.

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Our company boasts a complete set of services for any type of lock issue our clients face within Broomfield.

Rocky Mountain Locksmith Broomfield Also Servicing Zip Codes: 80020, 80021, 80023, 80038, 80234, 80516, 80602

Locksmith Services We Provide in Broomfield, WA

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About Us

Welcome to your ‘one stop shop’ for securing your property, Locksmiths in Broomfield. We’ve been in business for years and are now some of the most experienced locksmiths in Broomfield and have many happy customers who choose us time and time again.

If you're looking for a Broomfield locksmith, go no further than Rocky Mountain Locksmith. We have provided dependable and skilled locksmith services for your home, car, or company in the Broomfield, CO, Commerce City, Englewood, and Broomfield areas.

We are local professional locksmiths and can help you as soon as possible if you get locked out of your house, place of work, or car. If you get locked out, you won't have to wait until regular business hours because we provide extra hour service. We are specialized in providing top-notch service, budget-friendly options, and cutting-edge machinery for your house, car, or place of business.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes everything from installing security shutters for businesses to opening emergency doors for people who are locked out. We feel our success is mostly because we have always run our company according to straightforward principles. We reassure you that our skilled locksmiths' experience goes much beyond that.

In addition, we have focused on refining our trade and enhancing our services during the time we have been in operation. Today, residential and commercial owners in Broomfield, Colorado, rely on us as one of the most dependable locksmith services.

So whatever your situation is, whether you are locked out, need to secure your business premises or have recently suffered a break in and need to repair the damage and secure your home, our locksmiths in Broomfield can help. If you want to be in the hands of experienced professionals who offer an unrivalled service, call Locksmiths in Broomfield, the locksmiths you can trust!

We Are an Authorized Mul-T-Lock Locksmith!

What Do We Do?

You can count on our services as a locksmith to come and help you, no matter what time of the night it might be and no matter where you might require our service.

Our staff at Rocky Mountain Locksmiths includes skilled locksmiths for homes, businesses, and automobiles. We offer a wide range of services, such as key duplication, lock installation, and rekeying. Our team can assist you in ensuring that your home and car are completely secure.

Having worked on various lock and key issues throughout the years, we have a lot of expertise in diagnosing and fixing them.To maintain the caliber of our service, we use cutting-edge tools and give our locksmiths the necessary training. Our response time is quite quick. 

We offer our clients a one-stop shop for their peace of mind by providing lockout services, rekeying, lock changes 24 hours a day, and even making automobile keys. Our team offers car locksmith services, like making copies of keys, getting keys out of locks, fixing locks, replacing locks, and fixing ignition switches. 

We also provide ignition keys, locks rekeying, business locksmith, house lockout, automobile locks, car key replacement, and lockout of vehicles. In addition, we give high-security locksmith services using our home locksmith, safe locksmith, and smart locks.

Among the services offered by our commercial locksmiths arekey duplication and rekeying and keyless entry system maintenance and repair. We have the necessary skills to improve security at your company’s location.

Consequently, the safety and comfort of your house is our primary concern as a local locksmith. In the middle of the night, you’ve locked yourself out of your house and need a new key. No problem! We offer every service you might require for your home.

Rocky Mountain Locksmith Broomfield can definitely be of immense help to you!

Whether you want to do a car unlock or door unlock or whether you want to make your commercial and residential premises safe and secure, all you need to do is call us and we would be happy to come and resolve the issue.

The best part is that, you may need the help of a locksmith at any time of the night or day and as such we are a 24/7 locksmith. So, all you have to do is just call us anytime – and we will come over and get the problem fixed.

Safe Locksmith Denver

You need the services of someone you can trust

The services of a locksmith are not easy to get – of course, you can get the services of many locksmiths.  But, how do you know that you can trust the person you are calling? When you call us, we assure you that you can trust us as we have spent many years in this line of business. But, you do not have to take our word for it – for all you know, we could be telling you a lie.

So, We Have Proof of Our Experience and Trustworthiness


We have proof in the form of customers for whom we have done work – and that too good work. So, to make you sure that you are dealing with the right people, we will provide you with references of the people for whom we have done work. Call them, and find out about us.

At some point in time or the other, you are always going to need the services of locksmiths, so you would be doing yourself a world of good, by keeping our phone number handy with you – for you never know when you may need our service in an emergency.

We Do Car Key Replacement for All Major Brands

Why Choose Us?

You trusted a handyman or an unscrupulous locksmith without verifying their credentials, and he damaged your locks. The Rocky Mountain Locksmith is a one-stop shop for all of your security needs, both mechanical and electronic. We can manage locks, keys, and access control systems locally while adhering to international standards.

Our locksmith team’s highly skilled, seasoned, and customer-focused members are dedicated to making your house, place of business, and vehicles much safer and easier to access. We have worked with thousands of cars, corporations, and other vehicles.

We have installed locks for high-tech businesses, startups, office buildings, and various car makes and models. Thus, there is seldom any asset, safety, or problem that we haven’t encountered previously. Additionally, as our name suggests, we charge a very low fee for our services.

Everything from the simplest key duplication to the most complex unlocks door scenarios. That’s how we operate, and we’re committed to providing excellent service to all of our clients at all hours of the day and night, no matter where they may be.

Here is a brief breakdown of the benefits we will ensure for our clients:

All of your requests will be met by our number of experienced locksmiths in the best possible way.

When you truly need our mobile techies, they are available everywhere in your neighborhood.

The technicians at Rocky Mountain Locksmith always have some creative, alternate methods.

Speedy service so you may resume your life

Highly skilled, qualified, and insured technicians

Continuous service availability, even on holidays and adverse weather, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

We ensure that our highly skilled and experienced locksmiths will not do any damage to your property, and they are geared up with the most modern and cutting-edge equipment available. Instead, they will complete the task to the best of their abilities so that you will continue to hire our services in the future.

Contact Us

Rocky Mountain Locksmiths is a respected firm that uses a computer-controlled sidewinder key duplicator for precise and speedy results. And consequently, a locksmith in Broomfield is what you need if you are looking for the best service. 

Make a call to us right now to maintain your car’s security. You can reach us by phone at (720) 503-0098 

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Locked out? We have 24 hour mobile locksmith services.

Need an Emergency Locksmith to open your car, home or business?

We are very fast to respond. Lockouts, rekeys, lock changes 24 hours and we even make car keys, giving our client one-stop solution for their peace of mind.

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